«New German Hopefuls»: Meet the group of migrant Germans voting AfD

Two German politicians with migrant backgrounds explained why they and their group, «New German Hopefuls», are voting for Germany's anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AfD) in the upcoming general elections. They were speaking from their offices in Bremen, on Monday. According to AfD politician Alexander Tassis and «Homosexuals in the AfD» coordinator Adrian Ochmanski, the German... Еще political system is so left-leaning that migrants belonging to New German hopefuls» aim to be the voice of right-wing and conservative German citizens. The group rejects Angela Merkel's refugee policies and aims to preserve Germany without influence from migrants and «multiculturalism». Tassis explained that the group was made up of a wide variety of ethnicities, including Poles, Russians, Persians, Bosnians, Italians and Greeks, who all view themselves as fundamentally German. The men also stated how the right-wing group were not against Muslims who «lived by the rules of the country [Germany]» but rejected the perceived islamisation of the country. The «New German hopefuls» also adhere to the notion that lesbians and gays do not have to subscribe to a «certain ideology» and the country should be preserved so that homosexuals can live «as free as they are today».
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