Never too late to hit the gym — Meet 82 y.o. Hiroshima bodybuilder more shredded than you

An 82-year-old Japanese bodybuilder showed off his sculptured and toned physique in Hiroshima, Sunday, busting age stereotypes and putting most youngsters to shame. Kanazawa was a multiple champion bodybuilder in his youth. After he retired at the age of 34, he ceased his work-out sessions, gave into his cravings and started drinking and smoking. Some 30 years ago, after recalling that his... Еще wife was the happiest when he won championships, Kanazawa returned to bodybuilding to please his wife, who at the time was frequently ill. Kanazawa was able to quickly regain excellent physical condition. However, his work-out routine had to be adjusted for his age. He cut his daily exercising time in the gym from six to three hours, and started giving his body one week to recover after exercising, instead of the usual two days. To fight wrinkly skin, Kanazawa reportedly began using oil derived from horses, which he still uses to this day. In the 2016 world championship for bodybuilders over 65, Kanazawa came in sixth and won a special gold medal as the oldest competitor. The 82-year-old Japanese bodybuilder aspires to «give a good example to grandfathers and grandmothers of the world» and «keep challenging myself for the world championship until I am 85 years old.» He went on to say, «If it is possible, if my dream comes true and I still compete at the age of 85, then I am sure that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be coming to see me.»

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