Netherlands: World's first floating dairy farm sets sails to Rotterdam

The world's first floating dairy farm left port at Zaandam headed towards Rotterdam on Saturday, where it will receive some finishing touches before completion. «The project has gone from being a concept to entering the next phase of actual execution, which involves bringing fresh food production back to the city, so that city dwellers can experience what it means to create healthy foods and why... Еще you need to do that. And that [food] isn't just lying in the store,» said Minke van Wingerden, floating farm caretaker. Albert Boersen, a farmer, added, «the animals will have a good life here, due to a number of innovations, for example: manure will be sucked out by a robot, and the cows will also be milked by a robot.» The farm will house 40 cows on the floating structure, measuring 40m x 32m. The idea is that the farm will supply Rotterdam with fresh dairy products. Cows can graze on the ground floor or use an outdoor 'garden'. Their manure and urine will be collected and used as fertiliser.

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