Netherlands: Women defy Dutch 'burqa ban' with covered faces at protest rally

Around 200 people gathered outside The Hague's central train station on Friday, to oppose a partial Burqa ban that went into law on 1 August. Participants in the rally wore burqas and carried banners claiming freedom of choice for muslim women. A man wearing a shirt in support of right-wing activist Tommy Robinson, who is now serving a nine-months sentence after being found guilty of contempt in... Еще court, defied the protesters while hiding his identity under a balaclava. The women were demanding a withdrawal of the law which entered into force earlier this month and banned burqas from being worn in public spaces, including schools, hospitals, public transports and buildings. Some also claimed the law fostered a hostile environment towards muslims. «We've decided to stand up because an unsafe environment has been created. That gave us the extra motivation we need to speed up the process of getting it withdrawn», one of the women explained.

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