Netherlands: UK, US and France waging war on OPCW — Russian OPCW Rep.

Russia's Permanent Representative to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Alexander Shulgin said that US, UK and France are waging a war against the OPCW, speaking from The Hague on Saturday. «The war against the OPCW, real rather than propagandistic, is being waged not by Russia as slanderously indicated in this statement, but precisely by the UK, the US and France... Еще,» Shulgin said regarding the three nations accusing Russia of delaying the investigation of the OPCW experts in Douma. «The trio of the western aggressors carried out, in a perfidious way, a missile strike on the Syrian Arab Republic, which occurred just a few hours before the planned coming of the OPCW experts to Damascus,» he added. He went on to say that US, France and UK «will be unable make people forget their misdeeds behind this smokescreen of disinformation and defamation,» adding that «the only consequence of which is to further delay the political settlement of the Syrian crisis as requested by the UN Security Council resolution 2564.»

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