Netherlands: Scuffles erupt during protest against Turkish operation in Afrin

Around 2000 protestors gathered on the Schouwburgplein, in Rotterdam, on Saturday, to demonstrate against the Turkish military operation taking place in the Syrian region of Afrin. The demonstrators marched through the streets of Rotterdam chanting «Erdogan, terrorist» and «Free Afrin.» During the march, demonstrators exchanged words with a pedestrian. The police took the pedestrian into a... Еще building and blocked the entrance with horses. Some scuffles also broke out among the protesters. Around six people were reportedly arrested. According to a woman who participated in the march, some of the arrested people were Turkish. She claimed that they had come to disrupt the Kurdish protest. «They've come to provoke us. They call us terrorists. They curse at us. We got a permit to demonstrate here, they didn't. We were given the opportunity to demonstrate. And they have come here to ruin that. We don't accept that,» she said.

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