Netherlands: Party ends in clashes as police evacuate Eritrean concert in Zaandam

Journalist, (Dutch): «They were Somali people?» SOT, Jeroen Brands, Policeman, (Dutch): «No, these people came from Eritrea. They had a band playing here that they had come down to. There were many young people who had drunk too much and therefore caused some problems.» Journalist, (Dutch): «That happens often at a party, what makes it such a big police effort?» SOT, Jeroen Brands, Policeman... Еще, (Dutch): «That was actually that there were so many fights and there would be shots fired, that meant that we needed help.» Journalist, (Dutch): «From which regions was help provided?» SOT, Jeroen Brands, Policeman, (Dutch): «From the whole of North Holland, people from Hoorn, but also colleagues from the Royal Mareschaussee. Actually from all regions and Amsterdam and of course our own people.» Journalist, (Dutch): «And this 300 to 400 man is now walking towards the centre, but they can not go anywhere either.» SOT, Jeroen Brands, Policeman, (Dutch): «No, a lot of people have come by train. That is why they are escorted to the station. And they are still there now.» Journalist, (Dutch): «Was it busy?» SOT, Jeroen Brands, Policeman, (Dutch): «Yes it was pretty busy. There were at least 400 people inside, but we had previously understood that there were 150 people inside. This was also taken into account with regard to private security, but that is a bit out of control. There were a number of people who misbehave.» Journalist, (Dutch): «So there have only paid 150 people?» SOT, Jeroen Brands, Policeman, (Dutch): «I do not think so. They have also been able to buy tickets at the door, but they are initially estimated at 150 people, but there were so many more.» Journalist, (Dutch): «The security could not handle it?» SOT, Jeroen Brands, Policeman, (Dutch): «Not that either, because the security asked if the guests could get out and then they were pelted with bottles.» Journalist: «then came the Police?» Eyewitness: «Not the police, the guard took me out and I tried to explain to them and they told me, if you wait 10 minutes and with respect, then we are going to come back. My brother was in(side), I waited for them. While I waited for them, the Police came and they..» Journalist: **inaudiable response** Eyewitness: «Yeah, I tried to explain to them but they don't want to hear me, they told me.. I told them. I want (my) jacket before, because it was too cold. Yeah, I told them give me my jacket and then I am going home. They don't want to give me (it), I told them arrest me because it feels cold, maybe the cold can kill me, yes? So, arrest me, no go (they said). What's that?» Three people were arrested as Dutch police clashed with Eritrean visitors at a concert in Zaandam, after shutting down the conference centre for overcrowding and violent behaviour on Tuesday. Police demanded the evacuation of the centre after an estimated 350 visitors turned up, instead of the expected 150, and after a series of fights had broken out between revellers. Police were seen hitting and prodding several visitors with over 40 police units brought in to assist the evacuation.

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