Netherlands: Palestinian community slams ICC inaction on 'Israeli crimes'

A small group from the Palestinian community of the Netherlands rallied outside the International Criminal Court (ICC) headquarters in The Hague on Friday, calling the international institution to action amid a wide range of cases filed against Israeli authorities. The participants marked the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, blamed the ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou... Еще Bensouda of refusing to process the cases on what the activists call the 'Israeli crimes'. Various European activists joined the rally to show their solidarity with Palestinians living on the occupied territories and various victims. The president of the Euro-Palestine Solidarity Group Olivia Zemor joined protesters and pointed out the lack of action from the ICC saying: «There are a lot of very documented evidence against Israeli crimes and I think that she [Attorney General Fatou Bensouda] is not interested because no great powers are asking her to do that.»

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