Netherlands: Groningen locals demand an end to regional fracking

Residents of Groningen travelled to The Hague to demonstrate in front of the Dutch parliament, Thursday, to demand an end to fracking in the region and compensation for property damage caused by earthquakes in recent years. Earthquakes in the Groningen municipality are caused by underground air pockets resulting from fracking. The protesters mounted tractors and carried banners through the city... Еще, before attending a parliamentary hearing with Shell and ExxonMobil, in which top officials vowed that thousands in compensation will be paid to local residents. One protester explained that she had already been forced to move once due to earthquake damage, which came out of her own pocket. However, after the last quake her new residence has now also been damaged; «So next to the earthquake damage I already had, my undamaged house has now been flooded,» she said. A farmer from Groningen stated that his manure cellar has been damaged to the point of leaking. He also believes that he will never be fully compensated for the damages; «There are a lot of tears in the building and nothing is being done. You could eventually get something above ground reimbursed but when you have major damage underground you can forget it. You'll be left out to dry.»

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