Netherlands: Full courtroom drama as war criminal drinks poison in dock

The full courtroom drama when former Bosnian Croat military commander Slobodan Praljak dies after drinking poison in the dock can be seen in this footage from The Hague on Wednesday. Upon hearing the court's decision to uphold his 20-year jail sentence Praljak shouted, «Slobodan Praljak is not a war criminal. It is with contempt that I reject your sentence,» before drinking the poison. The... Еще hearing was immediately suspended by Judge Carmel, after which medical help was immediately called. Praljak shouts off camera that he has drank poison. The judge tells the court: «Don't take away the glass that he used when he drank something.» Praljak was appealing a conviction from 2013 for committing crimes against humanity in Mostar during the 1992-1995 war.

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