Netherlands: Farmers descend on the Hague to protest emissions policy

Dutch Farmers hopped in their tractors to hold a protest in the centre of the Hague on Wednesday, as a part of a protest against government plans to reign in farm-related emissions. Tractors can be seen blocking the streets, with angry commuters left helplessly honking their horns. «We have come to The Hague because our government has plans for the farmers that are not good. It has to do with the nitrogen emissions. Their plan will cost a lot of money for the taxpayer but will not give any solution to the nitrogen problems,» explained Farmers Defense Force member Sieta van Keimpema. Right wing politician and leader of the Forum for Democracy, Thierry Baudet, was also present at the rally, where he addressed those in attendance. «This fight is not over yet. The hypocrisy of the politicians this week has become more visible than ever. There is no problem of nitrogen emissions in the Netherlands,» he said, to the applause of the farmers. According to reports, the Dutch parliament is set to debate plans on reining in emissions on Thursday.

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