Netherlands: Dutch Government not obliged to repatriate families of IS members, court rules

The Dutch Government won its appeal against an earlier judgement ruling that The Netherlands is obliged to repatriate 23 Dutch wives of IS (Islamic State; formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants detained in camps in Syria, along with their 55 children to the Netherlands. The hearing took place in a court in the Hague on Friday. «The decision was that the Dutch Government does not have to pick up these... Еще children and these women from Syria right now. What the judges say is that it is a political decision and it is not up to the judges to decide whether they should do this or not,» said Andre Seebregts, the lawyer of the Dutch women. He added that they “were hoping we would have a better decision. There have been decisions which were a lot better for the women and children in the camps, in Belgium, in Germany. The first decision we had from the lower court was good for us and now in the appeal we have lost, so we were expecting that we would have also win this appeal.» According to Seebregts the case could be taken to the Supreme Court, but said the process may take a long time while the families are in a very difficult condition and their needs very imminent. «Winter is coming, many children have died in the Winter the last couple of years, more will die in these camps.» Seebregts said.

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