Netherlands: 'Caught them red-handed' — Russian OPCW Rep. on US, UK and France

Russia's Permanent Representative to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Alexander Shulgin said that provocations by US, UK and France is like playing with fire, speaking from The Hague on Thursday. According to Shulgin «those who are staging this kind of provocation, they are playing with fire, it’s very dangerous,» and «we need to avoid this kind of confrontation... Еще.» Shulgin said that the alleged staging of the chemical attack is similar to the Nazis staging an attack in Gleiwitz radio station before starting WW II. «Our president Vladimir Putin warned about some kind of provocation during his press conference after the meeting in Ankara and three days just three days after there was this attack,» Shulgin said. He went on to say that Russia has proven that the Syrian government hasn’t committed any of the alleged crimes, and that Russia is doing its best to help settle the Syrian conflict and bring peace in Syria. «We caught them red-handed, our western colleagues, because it's absolutely proven now they have been lying to themselves, to the world community,» he said, adding that «there is absolutely no reason to be jubilant to rub our hands with satisfaction, no, the situation is very serious.»

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