Netherlands: Bellingcat allegedly identifies GRU officer linked to MH17

The Online investigation group Bellingcat claimed on Friday in The Hague to have identified a second Russian military official who had an alleged major role in the downing of flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014. Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgings and two of the reporter responsible for the investigation alleged the Russian official (nicknamed Orion in intercepted phone calls) is high-ranking... Еще Russian GRU officer named Oleg Vladimirovich Ivannikov. Roman Dobrokhotov, Editor in Chief of The Insider and part of the investigating team, said that: «We contacted him several times, one of them he couldn't properly come to the phone personally but we silently heard him, his voice in the background. On the second time he answered us and we spoke for one minute I think. But it was super evident from the very beginning that this is the same person just because his voice is so special.» Earlier, a Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) released its conclusion on the investigation, stating that a missile owned by a Russia brigade was responsible for downing the plane. Russia has strongly denied its involvement, stressing that it has not taken part in the investigations and restating that no Russian anti-aircraft missile system has ever crossed the border with Ukraine.

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