Netherlands: Alleged Douma hospital workers deny finding 'any sign' of chemical weapons

Several alleged eyewitnesses, including hospital workers, shared their stories of the reported chemical weapon attack in Douma, while at a press briefing organising by Russia's Permanent Representative to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Alexander Shulgin in The Hague on Thursday. One witness, Muvaffak Nasrim, who claimed to work as a paramedic in the hospital in... Еще Douma, stated that several people came in to the hospital with symptoms of suffocation as a result of inhaling dust and smoke, believed to be as a result of an airstrike. «Some people arrived screaming chemical weapon chemical weapon, and as a result of this screaming our people started to feel fear, they got scared, and this resulted in an atmosphere of anarchy and chaos» Nasrim continued, but then stated they «did not discover any sign of a chemical weapon.» Moscow has previously said that the attack was staged by the Syrian civil defence force, the ‘White Helmets’.

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