Netherlands: 3D-printed 'suicide pod' goes on show at Amsterdam Funeral Fair

Sarco short for sarcophagus, presented a suicide pod that enables its users to take their own lives at a push of a button on display at the Amsterdam Funeral Fair in Westerkerk church on Saturday. Visitors flocked to the display to view a prototype of the controversial machine that came complete with a nitrogen capsule for euthanasia and a detachable 3D coffin to serve as an eternal resting... Еще place. «To be able to get into the machine you will have to have passed an online test ... to make sure that you are of sound mind,» creator of Sarco Dr. Philip Nitschke said. Visitors could have a test run with the prototype using virtual reality goggles and chair to experience how it would feel to sit inside the pod before pressing the button to release the nitrogen, that would end the individual's life. «I think that it is awesome that you can decide if you really want to die,» a visitor added.

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