Netflix unveils provocative film poster on dysfunctional ETA cell

The online streaming website Netflix unveiled a giant poster advertising a comedy about a dysfunctional ETA cell, dubbed «Bomb Scared» («Fe de Etarras»), in the Basque country's San Sebastian, Monday, ahead of its screening at the San Sebastian Festival on September 29. «Bomb Scared» is a Netflix's second original feature film from Spain, which stars Javier Camara, who starred in the company's... Еще Colombian crime drama «Narcos,» alongside Miren Ibarguren and Julian Lopez. The film is set to play in the 190 countries in which Netflix operates. The film is directed by Borja Cobeaga, who wrote Spain’s top-grossing homegrown film as of yet, «A Spanish Affair.» The Spanish name «Etarra» is the name of members of the formerly armed Basque separatist group ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna/Basque Homeland and Liberty), which waged a 50-year battle to secede from Spain. The fighting claimed the lives of more than 800 people. The name of the comedy «Fe de Etarras» is a pun, referring to the Spanish expression «Fe de Erratas» for «erratum» or a mistake. «Yo soy espanol» («I am Spanish») written across the film poster was a common chant used during the 2010 World Cup in which Spain won, which is also featured in the film, as the drama surrounding members of the separatist group is unfolding. The controversial film poster had a divided reception, with some residents calling it «defiant,» cheeky» and a campaign that could be used to «rub salt in the wound,» according to the city's residents. Last December, Colombian President and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Juan Manuel Santos condemned Netflix's building-size poster 'Narcos,' hung on Madrid’s Sol Square on the 23rd anniversary of Pablo Escobar's death, arguing that the poster extolled the late drug lord and calling on Madrid authorities to remove it.

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