Nebenzia on Russian embassy attack in Syria: Govts. should eliminate support for terrorists

Russia's newly appointed Permanent Representative to the UN Vasili Nebenzia stated that resource base of terrorist organisations «still remains at unacceptably high level» commenting on terrorist attack of Russian Embassy in Damascus during his first address to the Security Council in his current capacity in New York, Wednesday. «This is only possible if the large-scale, systematic, reliable and... Еще never-ending armour supply of the terrorist organisations is in place,» said Russian ambassador. Nebenzia called for «all-encompassing economic embargo of the IS-controlled territories prohibiting import and export of any products to and from IS-controlled territories, financial restrictions and strengthening border security at neighbouring countries, such as Syria and Iraq» in addition to the 2370 (2017) resolution on preventing terrorists from acquiring weapons adopted today by the UN Security Council.
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