Muslim family maintains church in Pakistani mountains for over 100 years

Standing in the mountainous Hazada District town of Nathia Gali is St. Matthew's Church, whose caretakers have passed down custodianship from generation to generation within a single Muslim family for over a century. Waheed Murad revealed how generations of his family members worked as caretakers of the religious site, despite the church hardly ever having visitors, as there aren't any... Еще Christians in the area. «I [have been] working here for [the] last 17 years, before my grandfather was here for 35 years and my father for 45 years. I [have been] here for 17 years and the church was built in 1914, so [it's] 104 years old and our family has served for almost 100 years,» Murad said. Murad also does maintenance works and uses the church to pray, as he further explains: «This is also the house of God, we believe in all messengers of God and all the four Holy Books. That is why we give the same respect to [this] church which we give to [any] mosque. My ideology is different from others'.»

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