Muslim Community Patrol becomes the 'eyes and ears' of Brooklyn *PARTNER CONTENT*

Brooklyn's 'Muslim Community Patrol' (MCP) wants to be the 'eyes and ears' of the neighbourhood. Footage filmed by RT in New York City on Saturday, takes a look at a new patrol unit aiming to ensure safety is back in Brooklyn. The 'Muslim Community Patrol' was started by Mohammad Khan, a Brooklyn resident originating from Yemen, in response to growing concerns over anti-Muslim attacks across... Еще the word. MCP has about 30 members in Brooklyn and works in cooperation with local organisations and police to protect the Muslim and non-Muslim community. «We are the ears and the eyes for the community. So we make sure, we take in reports of whatever might be happening from the community, local issues, even from the NYPD (New York Police Department), to help go around, Khan said. According to him «presence is prevention and that's what we are trying to do.» Volunteers operate from patrol a car draped in the colours of NYPD with an insignia resembling their emblem in an effort to give the impression of a police car. «Anyone who is having an evil intention, when they see a car like ours and an uniform like ours, they might think twice of doing something.» For Khan, people from any religion can join, since their activities have no religious character and the community has had a very positive response to their efforts. Muslim patrol volunteers explain cultural nuances, respond to traffic accidents and even help in searches of missing people. The unit is backed by Brooklyn's borough president, Eric L. Adams and assistant Chief Brian J. Conroy, who is the commanding officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South.

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