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Let’s see what’s moving and shaking on the FX markets at 3 PM GMT on this week’s final trading day. Sterling/New Zealand was flat for hours, but a late slide puts the pair point 78% in the red, which is the day’s biggest move. A couple of commodity currencies are on top of the table and New Zealand Dollar is the most bullish major, trading point 13% up from the Loonie Dollar. Monthly Core... Еще Canadian CPI was softer than estimated. December rate hike odds are increasing and Greenback is mostly higher and trading level with the safe-haven Japanese Yen. Euro Zone currency account surplus narrowed down and Single currency is followed closely by the Swiss Franc. Australian Dollar is up only from the UK Sterling, which is the most bearish of the 8 majors on the table. Weekly bulls chart is led by Canada/Yen and the pair has gained 3.72%. Dollar/Yen shows a similar rise as well. All five pairs show similar slides over the same term and Euro/Canada is the top decliner, standing 2.52% in the red. Sterling/Yen has had a bullish month and the pair has gained more than 7%. Australia/Dollar leads the bearish section with a slide that exceeds 4%. I’m Celeste Skinner and that’s it for Friday’s Movers and Shakers. Have a nice weekend and join us again on Monday for more on FX. Goodbye.

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