Movers and Shakers

This week's first trading day is coming to a close. Let's see what has been moving and shaking in the currency markets. In fact, the markets have been quite calm, as the biggest move of the day reaches just point 47%. It was posted by New Zealand/Swissie, which started moving lower after 8 o'clock. Safe haven Swissie is the most bullish major, but it probably does not mean the market is in a... Еще cautious mood, as the commodity currency Aussie is trading just a fraction lower. Both Euro Zone and US PMIs came in better than anticipated, and the Greenback is almost level with the Common Currency. Canadian wholesale trade grew more than expected in August, and Loonie is a fraction up from the Pound. And the latest Japanese Manufacturing PMI moved further in the positive territory than expected, but the Yen is down against all rivals except the Kiwi, which stands at the bottom of the Advancers and Decliners table. Moving on to the long-term charts, New Zealand/Canada is the most bullish pair in weekly terms, having gained more than 2%, whereas Euro/New Zealand posts the biggest decline, namely, 1.68%. Australia/Yen has gained most over a month, and it's up by more than 4%. Pound/Australia tops the bearish chart, standing 6.16% in the red. I'm Jack Everitt and you've been watching the Movers and Shakers Report for Monday. We'll be back tomorrow, but until then, goodbye.

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