Movers and Shakers

It's 3 PM GMT on this Tuesday; let's see what's been happening in the forex markets. Euro/New Zealand is the mover of the day, having gained point 73%. The pair was trending higher for much of the day. Spain's constitutional woes are far from over, but the Common Currency has rebounded quite nicely and is now the most bullish major, up point 12% from the Loonie. Safe havens are trading slightly... Еще lower, with Swissie point 1% up from the Greenback which, in turn, is trailed closely by Yen. The latest Reserve Bank of Australia statement came in line with expectations, and Aussie is point 13% up from the Pound, which, in turn, has taken a hit as Brexit Secretary David Davis has suggested the UK is preparing for no deal in its departure talks. And, moving point 29% South, there's the Kiwi, which is the most bearish major. And here's how things look on the long-term charts. Dollar/Canada has gained most over a week, namely, 1.6%, and New Zealand/Dollar posts the biggest decline, standing 2.26% in the red. Pound/Yen retains its top position on the monthly bulls chart, having gained almost 5%, and Euro/Pound still is the most bearish pair, down by 3.81%. These were the Movers and Shakers for Tuesday. I'm Jessica Walker and we'll be back tomorrow with the next overview. See you then.

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