Movers and Shakers

This month's first trading day is coming to an end, so let's see how things are shaping up. Pound/Yen is the mover of the day, having lost point 9%. The pair was moving lower for most of the day. This weekend has brought plenty of uncertainty in world politics, and safe havens have seen some demand; in particular, Yen is trailed closely by the Greenback, which received some additional support... Еще from improved manufacturing PMI. Remarkably enough, Commodity Currencies are also up against most rivals, trading within a very close range of each other. Kiwi is the most bullish of them, albeit by a razor-thin margin, and the neighbouring Aussie is sandwiched between it and the Loonie. The unrest in Spain has sent European currencies mostly lower, and Swissie is point 18% up from the Common Currency which now faces a major constitutional challenge in one of its largest economies. But the most bearish major is actually the Sterling, which took a hit as PM Theresa May must now fend off attacks on her position from her own party. And here's how things look on the long-term charts. Dollar/Canada has gained 1.71% over a week, which makes it the most bullish instrument, whereas Australia/Dollar is the most bearish pair, having lost more than 2%. Meanwhile, Sterling is still going strong on the monthly chart, as Pound/Yen is the top performer with a gain of more than 5% and Euro/Pound posts the biggest decline, standing more than 4% in the red. I'm Jack Everitt and these were the Movers and Shakers for Monday.

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