Movers and Shakers

The first trading day of the week is coming to an end; let's look back at what's been moving and shaking in the currency markets. Euro took a hit following the German general elections, and Euro/Yen is the mover of the day, standing point 77% in the red. Japanese manufacturing PMI reached a 4-month high in September, and Yen is the most bullish of the eight majors, standing point 16% up from the... Еще Loonie. Three currencies are trading within a narrow range from each other, with Swissie being a fraction up from the Greenback which, in turn, is trailed closely by Sterling. Moving less than point 1% lower, we get to the Aussie, which is almost level with its neighbouring Aussie. And Euro is the most bearish major, reflecting the uneasy task German Chancellor Angela Merkel faces as she tries to stitch together a three-way «Jamaica» coalition. Here's how things look on the long-term charts. Dollar/Swiss Franc has gained the most over a week, standing 1.29% in the green, while Euro/Dollar has lost point 72% over the same period, which makes it the most bearish instrument. Pound/Yen tops the monthly bulls chart with a gain of 8.74%, and Euro/Pound is the most bearish pair, having lost 4.85%. I'm Jack Everitt and these were the Movers and Shakers for Monday. Check back in tomorrow for the next overview. Goodbye.

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