Movers and Shakers

It's 3 PM GMT, and it's time to look back at what's been moving and shaking in the forex markets. Euro/Australia was trending higher for most of the last 15 hours, gaining a total of 1.53% in the process, and it is the mover of the day. Euro has had a bullish session, boosted by improvements in EU consumer confidence, and it's at the top of the Advancers and Decliners table. UK budget deficit... Еще was smaller than expected in August, and Sterling is a fraction up from the Yen. Canadian wholesale trade rebounded quite nicely in July, suggesting the last month's slip was more of a fluke, and Loonie is up, although it is trailed closely by the neighbouring Greenback, which, in turn, shot up after the Fed statement yesterday but has eased today. Moving point 15% South there's the Swissie, which is trading mostly lower. And Antipodes, in a stark contrast to the start of the week, are now the two most bearish majors, with Kiwi a massive point 9% up from the neighbouring Aussie. Moving on to the long-term charts, Kiwi/Yen has gained the most over a week, standing more than 3% in the green, while Antipodes are actually the most bearish pair, as Aussie/New Zealand has lost 2.15% over the same period. Pound/Yen is the top performer in monthly terms, having gained 8%, while Euro/Pound posts the strongest decline, namely, 3.72%. I'm Jessica Walker and these were the Movers and Shakers for Thursday. Check back in tomorrow for the next overview. Goodbye.

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