Movers and Shakers

There’s no trading in Canada and US as both countries enjoy a three day weekend due to Labor Day, so let’s see if rate shifts have been calmer than usual. Canada/Swissie has been on a slide and the pair has lost point 86%, which is the day’s biggest move. North Korea tensions are driving safe-havens higher and Swiss Franc sits on top of the table. Euro Zone Sentix investor confidence index... Еще showed an improvement earlier in the session and Single currency is mostly higher, almost level with the Japanese Yen. Kiwi Dollar is the most bullish of the three commodity currencies and it’s just slightly north of the Greenback. UK Construction PMI disappointed and Sterling is up only from a couple of commodity currencies — Australian and Canadian Dollars. Kiwi Dollar pairs are dominating longer term performance charts — Sterling/New Zealand has gained the most ground over past week, while New Zealand/Canada shows the top slide, which is a drop of 1.67%. Euro/New Zealand tops the monthly bulls table and it’s the only pair that has gained more than 4%. New Zealand/Canada has depreciated the most and it’s 4.78% in the red. I’m Jack Everitt and that’s all for Monday’s Movers and Shakers. Click back for Tuesday’s report, but for now, goodbye.

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