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Dukascopy Forex TV Team is back with the FX Movers and Shakers for Wednesday, 30th of August. Dollar/Canada started moving sharply higher only hours into the trading day and the pair has gained point 74%, which is the day’s biggest move. Strong Non-Farm employment change along with an upward revision to US GDP have pushed the Greenback on top of the table as it reclaims some of the recently lost... Еще ground. UK Sterling is only a fraction South of the top advancer, having a bullish session as well. Japanese Yen trades level with the Swissie as Swiss UBS consumption indicator improved, but KOF economic barometer was down. Single currency is up only from the commodity currency trio, which has been under pressure. Ozzy Dollar is the most bullish one of them as Australian building approvals declined less than expected and construction work done jumped. Kiwi Dollar is up only from the Loonie Dollar, which wraps up the table. Canadian current account deficit widened, but less than expected. Weekly bulls table is led by Sterling/Yen and Euro/Yen shows a similar gain as well. Canada/Swissie is the top decliner, standing point 76% in the red. Euro/New Zealand is the only pair that has gained 5% over a month and it’s on top of the bulls table. New Zealand/Swissie has depreciated the most and it’s down by 4.24%. I’m Jessica Walker and this was the major currency performance overview for Wednesday, but do click back again tomorrow. Goodbye.

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