Movers and Shakers

The last day of the trading week is coming to an end, so let's look back at the currency markets. These are the Movers and Shakers. Pound/Canada started moving lower after 6 o'clock in the morning, and it is the mover of the day with a loss of point 7%. The latest Canadian CPI data came in line with estimates, and Loonie is point 18% up from the Yen. The Antipodes have largely kept the ground... Еще they gained yesterday, with Kiwi a fraction up from the Aussie. German Producer Price Index returned to growth in July, and Euro is point 22% up from the Swissie. And the latest US consumer sentiment data actually surprised on the upside, but the Buck still is just a fraction up from the most bearish major, the Pound. Australia/Dollar has gained point 54% over the last week, but it is enough to make it the most bullish pair, whereas Pound/Canada is the most bearish instrument, standing 1.36% in the red. Euro/Pound tops the monthly chart with a gain of 3.19%, and Pound/Yen posts the biggest decline, namely, 3.86%. You've been watching the Movers and Shakers for Friday with me, Jessica Walker. We'll be back on Monday, but until then, have a great weekend and goodbye.

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