Movers and Shakers

It’s the last trading day of the week, so let’s see what’s moving and shaking on the FX markets today. The biggest mover of the day is the Loonie/Swissie which has gained point 45%. The pair has been rising gradually throughout the day, with a few drops throughout the session. Stable oil prices are helping the Loonie Dollar, and it is the top advancer of the day. Despite bearish comments from... Еще the Reserve Bank of New Zealand yesterday, the Kiwi has been very bullish today, placing it above the common currency on the table. Geopolitical concerns are still weighing down on the Aussie, which is the most bearish of the commodity currencies, but nonethless, it sits above the Sterling on the table. Inflation figures out from the US today showed a slowdown in consumer prices, which has put increasing pressure on the Dollar, and it is only up from the two safe havens, the Yen and Swissie, which is the table’s most bearish major. So let’s move on to the longer term charts where Euro/Kiwi has advanced the most in weekly terms, posting a gain of 1.97%. Kiwi/Yen has depreciated the most over the same time period, losing a total of 3.11%. Euro/Dollar has gained 3.34% over the past month, making it the most bullish pair during this period. And Dollar/Yen has been the biggest decliner with a loss of 3.49%. I’m Celeste Skinner and these were the movers and shakers for Friday. Tune in on Monday for all of the latest currency movements, have a great weekend, and see you soon.

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