Movers and Shakers

Donald Trump has done his fair bit of moving and shaking the currency markets today, so let's take a closer look. There's a very clear and pronounced flight to safety, as the mover of the day is Canada/Swissie. The pair was trending lower for most of the last 15 hours, losing a total of point 95%. Markets have not taken lightly Donald Trump's decidedly bellicose rhetoric towards North Korea, and... Еще safe haven Swissie is the most bullish major by a very notable margin, up point 62% from Yen. A few currencies trade within a very narrow range from each other, as Sterling is almost level with the Greenback. Moving just a fraction lower, we get to Kiwi, which, in turn, is less than point 1% up from the Common Currency. And two commodity currencies have not fared too well in the suddenly risk-averse environment. Aussie is point 15% up from the Loonie, which is the most bearish of the 8 majors. And here's how things look on the long-term charts. Dollar/Canada is the most bullish instrument on the weekly chart, having gained 1.12%, whereas the Pound/Yen posts the biggest decline, namely, 2.13%. Things look somewhat different on the monthly chart, as Australia/Dollar tops the bullish table, standing 3.69% in the green, and Dollar/Yen is the most bearish pair with a decline of 3.65%. I'm Celeste Skinner and these were the Movers and Shakers for Wednesday. Check back in tomorrow to track the latest developments.

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