Movers and Shakers

It's 3 PM GMT on this Monday, and it's time to look back at what's been moving and shaking in the currency markets. Euro/New Zealand is the mover of the day, having gained point 75%. The rate was inching higher for most of the day, but it jumped after 6 o'clock. It seems that Euro is recovering from the setback it experienced on Friday, as it's the most bullish major, albeit by a narrow margin... Еще. Two safe havens, Yen and Swissie are trading level with each other, with Yen receiving some support from a strong growth in Japanese leading index. The third safe haven, the Greenback, is trading just a fraction lower. Sterling has taken a hit and it's trading mostly lower, but it nevertheless is up against the trio of commodity currencies. Aussie Dollar is the most bullish of them, trading point 12% North from Loonie, which has been vulnerable to a recent decline in oil prices. And, moving point 26% lower, we get to Kiwi, which is the most bearish major. The single currency is also going strong on the weekly chart, as Euro/Canada is the most bullish instrument with a gain of 2.43%. Canada/Yen has lost 2.15% over the same period, which makes it the most bearish pair. Remarkably enough, commodity currencies are among top performers in mothly terms, as Australia/Swiss Franc tops the bulls chart standing more than 5% in the green. Pound/Australia posts the biggest decline, namely, 3.44%. I'm Kiays Khalil and these were the Movers and Shakers for Monday. Check back in tomorrow for the next overview. Goodbye.

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