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Euro/Dollar has given up some of the recent gains on this week’s final trading day, so let’s have a look at the FX Movers and Shakers. Euro/Dollar has plummeted by a total of 121.2 pips hours into the trading day and a loss of more than 1% is the top move. Strong US non-farm employment change has provided a boost for the Greenback and it’s on top of the table. Then there’s a batch on majors... Еще trading in a narrow range and Kiwi Dollar is close to even with the other two commodity currencies. Canadian unemployment rate declined, but trade deficit jumped and Loonie Dollar is level with the Ozzy Dollar. The RBA left monetary policy unchanged and Australian retail sales grew faster than anticipated. Swiss Franc is a fraction South of the Ozzy Dollar. UK Sterling is mostly lower and it’s point 17% up from the Japanese Yen, which is followed by the most bearish major, which is the Single currency. Moving on to longer term performance charts, Euro/Canada tops the weekly bulls table with a gain of slightly more than 2%. Canada/Yen is the top decliner and it’s 1.77% in the red. Australia/Swissie and Euro/Swissie both have had a bullish month and they are up by more than 5%. Sterling/Australia is the top decliner and it’s down by 3.17%. I’m Jessica Walker and that’s all for Friday’s Movers and Shakers. Have a nice weekend and tune in on Monday for more. Goodbye.

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