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US stocks are on the rise, making Amazon’s Jeff Bezos the world’s richest man, so let’s see what riches today’s FX Movers and Shakers have created. Greenback rose sharply against the Swiss Franc and the pair has gained 1.3%, which is the day’s biggest move. Core US Durable Goods were soft, but the overall reading jumped and Greenback is on top of the advancers and decliners table. UK CBI... Еще realized sales survey balance jumped by 10 points and Sterling is mostly higher. Quarterly Australian import prices slipped, but Ozzy Dollar is the most bullish of the three commodity currencies, but it’s only slightly up from both the New Zealand and Canadian Dollars. Safe-haven Japanese Yen is mostly lower and it’s followed closely by the Single currency. German consumer climate improved slightly, but Euro has given up the recent gains against the Buck. Then there’s a huge gap and Swissie is at the bottom of the table. Past week has been bullish for the New Zealand/Swissie and the pair is up by 2.72%. Swissie/Yen is the top decliner, standing 1.35% in the red. Australia/Greenback is the top mover over a month and Canada/Swissie has also gained more than 5%. Dollar/Canada is the most bearish pair with a similar drop. I’m Kiays Khalil and that’s all for Thursday’s overview, but do click back tomorrow when this week’s last report will be available. Goodbye.

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