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We are just hours away from the key FOMC monetary policy statement, so let’s see where the 8 major currencies stand at 3 PM GMT. New Zealand Dollar/Swissie had a slow start of the day, but the pair rose sharply after 6 AM and a gain of point 75% has been posted, which is the day’s biggest move. Overnight New Zealand trade report showed surplus rising sharply and Kiwi Dollar tops the advancers... Еще and decliners table. UK GDP grew by just point 3% in the second quarter, in line with expectations and Sterling is having a generally bullish day. Japanese Yen is trailed closely by the Greenback. US new home sales report was slightly soft, but most of the attention has shifted towards the high importance FOMC statement. Australian CPI increased, but not as much as anticipated and Ozzy Dollar is trading in a narrow range with a number of majors, including Single currency and Canadian Dollar. Swiss Franc which wraps up the advancers and decliners table as it trades point 42% down from the Loonie Dollar. Moving on to longer term performance charts, Euro/Swissie has gained the most ground over a week and the pair is 1.49% in the green. Australia/New Zealand is the top decliner with a loss of 1.24%. Canada/Yen shows the top rise over a month and it’s the only pair that has gained more than 6%. Dollar/Canada has had a bearish run over the past month, standing more than 5% in the red. I’m Kiays Khalil and that’s all for Wednesday’s Movers and Shakers. Click back tomorrow for the next report, but for now, goodbye.

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