Movers and Shakers

Brexit talks start in Brussels, so let’s find out what’s moving and shaking on the FX Markets at 3 PM GMT on this Monday. The day’s biggest move is a decline of only point 38% and it’s posted by Euro/Canada. Rate movement has been flat during most of the day. There’s a batch of currencies trading in a narrow range and Loonie Dollar is on top of the table, trailed closely by the Greenback as Fed... Еще’s William Dudley gave a hawkish speech. Swissie is having a bullish day as well and it’s trading point 1% up from the Sterling as Brexit talks begin. Australian new motor vehicle sales and leading index both rose and Ozzy Dollar is just slightly up from the Kiwi Dollar, even though New Zealand Westpac consumer sentiment improved. Safe-haven Japanese Yen is at the bottom of the table, trading even with the Single currency. French voters gave President Emmanuel Macron’s party a win in second round election. Longer term charts show moves that are more significant and Canada/Yen has appreciated by more than 2% over the past week. Euro/Canada leads the bearish section with a decline of 1.58% and it’s followed closely by Dollar/Canada. New Zealand/Yen leads the monthly bulls table with a gain of 4.61%. Sterling/New Zealand has depreciated the most, standing close to 6% in the red. I’m Kiays Khalil and that’s all for this week’s opening Movers and Shakers report. Do click back for more, but for now, goodbye.

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