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Bank of England did take the markets by surprise this Thursday, so let's take a closer look. Pound/Yen started moving higher after 11 o'clock, and it is the Mover of the Day with a gain of 1.15%. The latest Bank of England meeting minutes did strike a remarkably hawkish tone as 3 out of 8 policy makers voted on a rate hike; that alone has sent the Pound all the way to the top, despite a... Еще disappointing slip in UK retail sales. The Buck is trading just a fraction lower, bolstered by several pieces of strong data such as jobless claims and state manufacturing indices; moreover, it's point 23% up from the Aussie. Moving point 2% South, we get to another commodity currency, the Loonie. The latest Swiss National Bank policy statement was in line with expectations, and Swissie is point 16% up from the Euro. Kiwi is the most bearish of commodity currency, but it nevertheless is point 38% up from the Yen, which is the most bearish major ahead of the upcoming Bank of Japan policy statement. And here's how things look in the long-term charts. Canada/Swiss Franc has gained 2.57% over a week, and it's the most bullish pair, whereas Pound/Canada tops the bearish chart with a loss of 3.15%. New Zealand/Dollar tops the monthly bulls table, standing 4.31% in the green. Pound/New Zealand has lost 5.4% over the same period, and it's the most bearish instrument. I'm Jack Everitt and these were the Movers and Shakers for Thursday. Check back in tomorrow for the next overview. Goodbye.

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