Movers and Shakers

You’re watching the Movers and Shakers for Thursday. Here’s how the 8 major currencies line up at 3 PM GMT. Swissie/Yen is the mover of the day with a rise of almost 1% or 95.4 pips. Sharpest rise took place just shortly after midnight. Swiss Franc leads the advancers and decliners table and it’s point 21% up from the Single currency as preliminary German inflation surprised on upside with a... Еще fractional monthly rise. Final US GDP was upwardly revised and Buck is up against most of the rivals, trading in a close range with the Kiwi Dollar. Major oil producers agreed on a deal to limit oil output, providing support for Loonie Dollar, which is point 13% up from the Ozzy Dollar. UK sterling is up only from the safe-haven Japanese Yen, which wraps up the advancers and decliners table. Weekly bulls chart is led by Australia/Yen and it’s the only pair that has gained more than 1%. Sterling/Australia shows a similar decliner and it’s the most bearish pair. Australia/Dollar has gained the most ground over a month and it’s up by 2.16%. Sterling/Australia tops the bearish section with a slide of close to 3%. I’m Jessica Walker and these were the Movers and Shakers for Thursday. Click back tomorrow for this week’s last report, but for now, goodbye.

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