Movers and Shakers

Let’s find out how the 8 major currencies line up at 3 PM GMT on this rather calm Wednesday. New Zealand Dollar has been trending lower against the Greenback during most of the day and the pair has declined by point 63%, which is the day’s biggest move. US stocks are mixed as energy sector gains, but utilities show a similar decline and US Dollar takes the top spot on the table. US durable goods... Еще were reported standing flat Yellen currently testifies. Swiss UBS consumption indicator improved and Swissie is level with a couple of currencies – Japanese Yen and UK Sterling. Australian Dollar is the most bullish of the three commodity majors on the table. Single currency is up only from a couple of commodity currencies – Canadian and New Zealand Dollars. Kiwi Dollar clearly the most bearish major on the table. Moving on to longer terms, Ozzy Dollar has had a bullish run against the Kiwi Dollar over the past week and the pair is up by more than 2%. New Zealand/Swissie has depreciated the most and it’s 1.33% in the red. Australia/Canada shows the top rise over a month and it measures at 2.86%. Canada/Yen leads the bearish section with a slide of close to 3%. I’m Sam Meredith and this brings Wednesday’s Movers and Shakers to an end. Click back tomorrow for the next overview, but for now, goodbye.

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