Movers and Shakers

The trading week is coming to a close, and it's time for Friday's Movers and Shakers. Canada/Yen started moving lower after 6 o'clock, and it is the Mover of the Day with a drop of point 6%. The latest Japanese Manufacturing PMI surprised on the upside, and Yen is the most bullish major. Antipodes are trading almost level with each other, with Kiwi just a fraction up from the Aussie. Moving... Еще point 16% South, we get to Swissie, which is trading almost level with the Greenback. UK retail sales saw an unexpected drop in March, and Pound is down against most rivals, but it is point 15% up from the Euro, which took a hit as a terror attack in Paris added more uncertainty to the upcoming French presidential election. And the latest Canadian inflation data came in weaker than expected, sending the Loonie to the bottom of the Advancers and Decliners table. And here's how things look on the long-term charts. Canada/Yen has gained most over a week, namely, 3.51%, while Canada/Swiss Franc posts the biggest decline, 1.93%. Pound/Australia tops the monthly bulls chart with a gain of 4.52%, whereas Euro/Pound posts is the most bearish pair, standing 3.76% in the red. I'm Jessica Walker and these were the Movers and Shakers for Friday. We'll be back on Monday, but until then, have a great weekend and goodbye.

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