Movers and Shakers

It's 3 PM GMT on this Monday, and it's time for the Movers and Shakers. Pound/New Zealand has been trending lower for most of the day, and it is the mover of the day with a loss of point 53 percent. New Zealand exports took a strong hit in August, but Kiwi nevertheless is the most bullish major, albeit by a very narrow margin. A number of recent developments, including concerns about the health... Еще of European banking system, have sparked increased demand for safe haven Yen, which is trading level with the Aussie. The latest German Ifo index came in stronger than expected, and the Common Currency is a fraction up from the Swissie. US new home sales fell less than anticipated in August, and Greenback is trading slightly North from the neighbouring Loonie, which, in turn, is almost level with the Pound. And here's how things look in longer terms. Australia/Dollar has gained more than 2% over a week, making it the most bullish instrument, whereas Pound/Australia tops the weekly bears chart with a decline of 2.99%. Euro/Pound is the most bullish pair in monthly terms, having gained 2.36%, and Pound/Australia posts the biggest decline, namely, 2.61%. I'm Jessica Walker and that's what's been moving and shaking this Monday. Check back in tomorrow for the next overview. Goodbye.

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