Movers and Shakers

Trading day hasn’t been particularly busy, but, nonetheless, let’s see what’s moving and shaking among the 8 major currencies. Australia/Canada is the mover of the day with a gain of just point 36% and the pair has been trending slowly higher during most of the session. Economic calendar is relatively light and antipodes lead the advancers and decliners table. Ozzy Dollar is followed closely by... Еще the neighboring Kiwi Dollar as Australian leading index advanced by point 4%. Swiss Franc trades level with the Single currency and both of them are only a fraction up from the Sterling. UK House Price Index rose by 1.3%, but Sterling declined on announcement of plants to invoke Article 50 on March the 29th. Greenback is mostly lower and just slightly up from the Yen as Japan enjoys a bank holiday. Canadian wholesale sales jumped by 3.3%, but Loonie Dollar is at the bottom of the advancers and decliners table. Moving on to longer term performance charts, Australia/Greenback tops the weekly bulls table with an increase of 2.31%. Dollar/Yen is the top decliner, standing close to 2% in the red. Euro/Canada has had a bullish month and the pair is up by almost 4%. Canada/Yen is the most bearish pair with a decline of 3.68%. I’m Jack Everitt and these were the Movers and Shakers for Monday. Click back tomorrow for the next report, but for now, goodbye.

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