Movers and Shakers

It's the day after the Fed decision, so let's see what has been moving and shaking in the currency markets. Swiss Franc/Yen started moving higher after 6 o'clock, and it it is the mover of the day with a gain of 1.15%. Three European currencies have actually gained most following the Fed decision, and Swissie is the most bullish major. Sterling has recovered the ground it lost yesterday, and it... Еще is trading almost level with the Common Currency. Oil prices have moved higher, and Canadian Dollar is point 13% up from the Aussie Dollar, which also has benefitted from rising commodity prices. So the Greenback has seen a decline following the decision not to raise rates, but much of it was already priced in, and it still stands point 32% up from Kiwi. And Yen has given up its yesterdays gains, as it now sits at the bottom of the Advancers and Decliners table. Moving on to the long-term charts, Australia/Dollar has gained most over a week, and it's up by more than 2%, whereas Pound/Australia posts the biggest decline, having lost 2.64%. Now, the monthly performance is actually weaker, as the top performer Australia/Canada is up by no more than 1.28%. Euro/Australia has lost just point 72%, but it is enough to make it the most bearish instrument. I'm Kiays Khaliland you've been watching the Movers and Shakers Report for Thursday. Check back in tomorrow for this week's last overview. Goodbye.

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