Mostly Calm Spreads

This is the Dukascopy Spike Controller for Monday with a look at the average and peak spread levels for the 3 non-cross majors. Euro/Dollar’s daily average spread is point 3 pips and maximum separation of point 6 pips took place during the past 4 hours. Start of the week has been Euro bullish and the pair gained point 32 percent or 36 pips. Spreads were slightly up today at 7 AM as the German... Еще Trade and Industrial Production stats were out, but the max separation was only point 6 pips. The Cable’s daily average spread is point 87 pips and the peak separation has been 1.7 pips. Pound/Dollar rose by a total of point 46 percent or 59 pips to rise above the 1 30 level, before dropping back lower. Spreads have been mostly calm for this pair and the max of 1.7 pips was posted shortly before midnight GMT. And last up is the Dollar/Yen, which has long term average and maximum spreads of point 26 and point 7 pips respectively. The pair rose by a total of point 39 percent or 43 pips to rise above the 111 level. No major separations have been posted so far this week and the peak gap of just point 7 pips took place yesterday at 11 PM GMT. I’m Jack Everitt and that's how things look at 10 AM GMT.

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