Morocco: Professors demand inclusion in public service at Casablance protest

Hundreds of contract professors took to the streets, of Casablanca on Wednesday, to demand the government include them in the public sector. Large numbers of security forces were deployed to face the protesters, and some clashes took place. «The 'National Co-ordination of Teachers on whom the contractual system is imposed', today, issued a four-day struggle programme, given the ministry's... Еще inability to solve the problems faced by professors who were forced into contracting, as well as the entire educational system,» said Mahmoud Zeriah, the deputy regional co-ordinator of the movement. In turn, the member of the Executive Office of the Free Education University, Othman al-Salloumi, denounced «the procrastination practised by the ministry, in resolving this file,» and considered that «the beginning was lame, because the government adopted the contracting as a mean of employment,» and called for «the reconsideration of this file.» The National Co-ordination of Teachers on whom the contractual system is imposed, along with some unions, had called for a national march, in Casablanca, to demand the inclusion of the professors in the public service and to abolish the contracting system.

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