More than skin-deep — Albinism pageant raises awareness in east Africa

People with albinism strutted their stuff in a beauty pageant held in Nairobi on Friday with the aim of building confidence and raising awareness about discrimination and human rights violations of people with the condition. Mr and Miss Albinism East Africa 2018 was organised in order to support people with albinism, who face discrimination and violence in sub-Saharan Africa due to... Еще misinformation and myths about the condition. Kenya held the world's first beauty pageant for people with Albinism in 2016, which has since grown to include contestants from Uganda and Tanzania. Pageant organiser Isaac Mwaura said the charities who run the competition decided to extend it to include people from Uganda and Tanzania as well as Kenya because of the scale of the challenges that people with albinism face, such as ritual killings. «In this region we have lost over 200 people due to the misguided belief — in fact, it started from here — that our body parts can make people rich,» Mwaura said, adding that the charities have even had to rescue people whose lives were in danger. According to UN estimates, 1 in 1,400 people in Tanzania are affected by albinism, a genetically-inherited condition which leads to a lack of pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes. The winners of the pageant won cash prizes and became ambassadors for partner organisations.

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