Moooove! 400 cows trample the misfortune out of Hindi men in Bhidawad

Scores of men were voluntarily trampled by cows and bulls in the village of Bhidawad in India's Ujjain District on Thursday. It was part of a ritual in order to cleanse them of their troubles and bless them with prosperity. The age-old tradition followed by Hindi men takes place on the day after Diwali, the festival of lights. Despite the possible dangers, hundreds travel to the city to lie down... Еще on the ground as the sacred animals are let loose. Local villager Hitesh Dubey claimed that no participant sustained serious injuries during the annual event. «No one gets hurt in this ritual, the participants believe that allowing the cows to run over them will bring luck and fulfil their wishes, so that's why they do it.» Participants who do sustain injuries, including having their backs crushed, believe that their luck will grow as they recover. Minor injuries are treated with cow urine and dung, which are believed to have medicinal qualities. Over 400 cows and bulls participated in the event. The villagers draped garlands around the animals' necks and decorated them with paint prior to the trampling. Drums and other musical instruments were also played.

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