Montenegro: Thousands of believers protest new law on religion

Thousands gathered outside Saint Basil's of Ostrog cathedral in the Montenegrin city of Niksic on Saturday to protest a proposed law which would transfer all property of religious institutions to the state. Footage shows believers and members of the Serbien Orthodox Church gathered outside and inside the cathedral. Jovan Bulatovic, a believer hailing from Podgorica said, «The law the government... Еще wants to pass is ill-favoured. This law wants to take over the 1,000 years old history and 800-year-old churches and religion. They want to privatise religion just like they privatised everything in Montenegro. The people won't let them do that. We will protect our faith, our church, our tradition.» Another believer, Vesna Bratic shared that she joined the gathering «to support the Serbian Orthodox Church against their long lasting fight against this unconstitutional and ungodly law.» The law proposed by the Montenegrin government demands a registry of all religious objects and sites, and claims that ownership can only be retained if it is proven by clear evidence, prompting fears in the Serbian Orthodox community of losing property over their Church.

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