Montenegro: Podgorica residents react to preliminary election results

Podgorica residents commented on Monday on the results of Montenegro's parliamentary elections which saw the opposition coalition «For the Future of Montenegro» show strong results. The ruling party may now face problems with forming a cabinet. Podgorica pensioner Zvonko was cautious about the results, saying, «Nothing is final yet. We should take it slowly. Let's hope that Montenegro will survive.» Bojan Prelevic, another Podgorica resident, said: «Montenegro decided it's time for a change. Montenegro decided to take a different path, a path on which the laws would be more respected and implemented.» «Of course, Podgorica is a beautiful city and you can say it has been developed, but one must take care not only after the city but after the ordinary people too. Ordinary people must have jobs, they need help too,» he added. Zdenka, another resident of the Montenegrin capital, added: «For me it will not be much better than it now. But slowly, everything will fall into its place. It is not easy to correct the injustice which lasted 30 years. There has been injustice for 30 years. We will fix everything step by step. Honest and honourable people with clean hands will lead us from now on. Happy victory to all of us.» According to the preliminary reports, the ruling pro-Western Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) of long-time president Milo Djukanovic is narrowly leading with 34.7 percent of the votes, while the opposition «For the Future of Montenegro alliance» secured 33.1 percent. Both rallies declared victory in the poll.

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