Montenegro: Opposition candidate Bojanic casts his vote in pres. elections

Main opposition presidential candidate Mladen Bojanic cast his vote in the Montenegrin presidential election in Podgorica on Sunday. «We can stop this autocrat who wants to bring us into dictatorship by a smile and a pen. We'll show that he can't do that anymore because Montenegro wants to be a state of majority Montenegrins, a free and democratic state,» Bojanic said after casting his vote... Еще. This is the seventh presidential elections since a multiparty system was implemented in 1991. Since then, the current ruling party, the Democratic Party of Socialists, has been in power. Main ruling party candidate Milo Djukanovic, who has already served as president for two terms is speculated to win a third consecutive term. If no candidate receives a majority of votes, the second round will be held in two weeks. Over 1,300 foreign observers will be monitoring the elections in which 533,000 people have the right to vote.

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